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A Gastroenterologist’s Guide to Gut Health: Everything You Need to Know about Colonoscopy, Digestive Diseases, and Healthy Eating, by David M. Novick, MD, provides accurate and up to date information on the most common GI diseases and their treatments, with extensive coverage of colonoscopy and colon cancer screening. It also reviews nutrition and healthy eating and contains advice on how to get the most out of a visit to the doctor. The book explains and advocates for modern, scientific medicine. It is not a textbook or encyclopedia but reviews the material in easily understandable language.

About the Author

David M. Novick, MD, FACP, FAASLD is a gastroenterologist with extensive clinical and academic experience. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology.

For the last 25 years, Dr. Novick has been practicing with Digestive Specialists in Dayton, Ohio. He has more than 70 medical publications and has special interests in hepatology and addiction medicine. 

Dr. Novick’s first book, A Gastroenterologist’s Guide to Gut Health: Everything You Need to Know About Colonoscopy, Digestive Diseases, and Healthy Eating, will be published by Rowman & Littlefield in April 2017. His essay, Rose, the Tarantula, received an honorable mention in the 2014 Erma Bombeck Writing Competition. Dr. Novick is also published in Hippocampus Magazine, the blog, and Ohio Lawyer. Dr. Novick is represented by Veronica Park of the Corvisiero Literary Agency, New York, NY. 

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Cover of A Gastroenterologist's Guide to Gut Health

Cover for Dr. Novick's New Book, 
A Gastroenterologist's Guide to Gut Health
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Book Details

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield 
Release Date: April 8, 2017 
ISBN-10: 1442271981 
ISBN-13: 978-1442771982 
Price: $32.00 (Hardcover)
Page Count: 252 

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To order from Rowman & Littlefield directly, call 1-800-462-6420.

For questions about returns, discount schedules, policies, or any other issue, call customer service at 1-800-462-6420 or email

For media requests, interviews, or excerpts from Dr. David M. Novick, please contact:

Dr. David M. Novick
P.O. Box 9034
Dayton, OH 45409

  • “Dr. Novick's book is the third in recent years to clearly explain the digestive system. Gut brilliantly explains how it works, and Gulp gives the fascinating back-stories, but this book gives you the elements of successful diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Novick's expertises provides authentic and accessible infromation regarding gut health. This is a book everyone should read.”

    Anne Marie Romer, RN, GI Nurse & Author of the blog The Space Between

  • “This book reminds us that there is another way of looking at life’s challenges, whether coping with a disease or anticipating a medical procedure.  Dr. Novick reveals how humor can help heal the body, mind, and soul.”

    John Kinde, Author of Newsletter & Blog

  • “Despite all the publicity, too many people do not get colon cancer screening or other needed care. Dr. Novick’s book uses humor and clear medical writing to help people overcome their fears.”

    Annie Roboff, Music & Song Writer, This Kiss, That’s The Way, Unbroken

  • “Tattoos where the sun doesn’t shine, swallowed tongue rings, and Exit Only signs plastered on the derriere—Gastorenterologist David Novick has seen it all.  Dr. Novick demystifies GI procedures with humor and straightforward health talk that will put even the most squeamish patient at ease.

    Debbie M. Price, Author and Health Care Writer

  • “Who knew that colonoscopies could be the source of so much humor?  Dr. Novick’s book is surprisingly entertaining while offering potentially life-saving information.”

    Judy Gruen, Author of Till We Eat Again: A Second Helping

  • “As an advocate for people to have colonoscopies (an earlier one could have saved my husband’s life), I found this book to be ‘just what the doctor ordered.’  Dr. Novick uses knowledge and humor to raise consciousness of the need for screening. If one life is saved through this book, then Dr. Novick’s commitment and hard work will have been worth it.  I think it will help many.”

    Kate Carlisle, A Badgering but Loving Advocate for Colonoscopies

  • “Dr. Novick has cleverly combined insightful educational explanations with just the right amount of humor to overcome the intimidation factor that is so much a part of colonoscopy. Ideal for reading before and during the bowel prep.”

    Richard Houston, MD, Practicing Gastroenterologist

  • "Dr. Novick demystifies colonoscopy, one joke at a time."

    Darlene Sneden, Adventures of a Middle Age Mom (Blog)

  • "I wish I had this book before my colonoscopy, as it would have assuaged my fears about how a colonoscopy will feel (like nothing!) and calmed my nerves about what I might say under sedation (which thankfully wasn't much)."

    ---Courtney Reagan, CNBC Reporter